Xiaomi mouse. Second edition, simplified

When I received the package with the new mouse, I took it out, tried it on, and noticed how the uncomfortably raised back part cuts into the palm of my hand. The “feed” is quite noticeably raised. Case length 98.6 mm, width 55.3 mm. I took it out of the box just before writing the review. I’ve been working with it for several days at the computer and I can’t say that this is a "mouse for short use." The additional button is still made under the thumb of the right hand. By default, the “back” function in the browser is hung on it.
The height of the mouse is 34 mm. The postal service managed to wrinkle it along the way.
The USB adapter is small. The force is chosen optimally and it is easy to shoot and holds well.
To bring the new mouse into working condition, you need to remove the top cover. I didn’t see anything new in the pictures, everything was clear anyway.
The mouse is lost in my big palm.
Turn on, nothing has changed. In 2002, I bought my first computer and it came with
Genius ball mouse (first pictured). Tested the mouse in the program Enotus Mouse Test. Spins almost silently. It is difficult to add something new, except that the mouse turned out to be comfortable, but not immediately, but after some getting used to.

The product was provided for writing a review by the store.
The branded AA battery is Xiaomi ZI5. It’s even strange to me that all my life I used large mice, on which the palm rests almost completely, and so easily switched to small ones designed for controlling fingers.
I put it aside and continued to use the last mouse. https://jiji.ng/42-duplexes-for-rent/3-bedrooms A leaflet with instructions in Chinese is enclosed inside. Literally for a second, the green light between the buttons lights up. The mouse is turned off. In the middle of A4Tech, which I used until recently. She is still alive, but there is nowhere to connect and there is no need.
The mouse is completely symmetrical, but I can’t say the usual phrase about right-handers and left-handers in this case. I don’t like it when I read a review, if I accidentally click on this button, I can exit it. The color of the upper surface, some kind of “elite” variety of dark gray, or “graphite” or “wet asphalt”, I can’t say for sure. It was in the evening, looking for a new laziness. The lid is attached with magnets. And also the mouse now does not work through bluetooth. I started using a small mouse with a well-defined "hump" and found that I did not experience any particular inconvenience. Comes with a wireless mouse and keyboard.
The mouse is packed in a modest white box. The mouse resembles a very cool designer soap dish))) I like mice with an interception in the middle more, but the company’s designers have moved in the right direction and it makes me happy. The new mouse had a strip of film between the mouse contacts and the battery. There is no forward button on the mouse. A well-worn optical Genius lies nearby. Decorated with the MI logo. You can say office use. Many people scold the mechanical encoder.
The main differences from the first version are the changed design, the whole body is now made of plastic, no aluminum.
At the bottom of the mouse there is a logo (this is the most important))), an optical sensor, a switch, and a strip along the edge that facilitates sliding.

Xiaomi mouse.
Insert the battery into the compartment and turn on the mouse.
There are practically only fingers on it.
And recently I bought Dr.D. Time will tell how long the mouse itself will last. Second edition, simplified

I want to note that the additional side button, although it is made with high quality, in practice I
didn’t like it. And I got used to it surprisingly quickly. I didn’t have time to take a picture on the table, I had to immediately in my hand. Surely, each reader will find many more attractive options in the store around the corner. The design has become somewhat more user-friendly. And the Xiaomi mouse is most likely a product for true fans of the brand.
Here Dr.D’s mouse ran out of battery. Here, compare the slope of the back of both mice.
The resolution of 1200 dpi was confirmed, the speed is bad according to the program. Having got used to the big first mouse, I tried to buy similar ones later. While the mouse was driving towards me, a completely exhaustive review from another author had already appeared.
These are the characteristics of the second version of the Xiaomi mouse. Review published in accordance with clause 18 of the Rules True, I have not played games for a long time, but only type texts and perform simple tasks in a graphics editor.
This is what the protruding back of the mouse looks like.
The wheel is relatively large, rubberized, with a comfortable notch. At the limit of this distance, the cursor obeyed, but moved in jerks. I checked the distance at which the mouse works. By and large, we buy a good mouse with a minimalist design and ergonomics, not for every hand. Grabbed the Xiaomi mouse. The manufacturer promises the operation of the mouse from one battery for one year. I managed to move away from the computer by about 3.5 meters. And the "forward" button in the browser does not help, you have to open it again. But it is the wheel that rarely breaks in my mice, so I’m not really worried about this element.
Infrared optical sensor, does not shine with the usual red light. The buttons are pressed clearly, with an average volume.
On the right side everything looks exactly the same
only there is an additional button.
There is a sticker hiding in the niche for the battery indicating the power parameters and serial numbers of the product. Positioning accuracy is excellent.
At this point, I’ll digress a little and show the evolution of my relationship with mice.